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bed sharing, what is it

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bed sharing is a service with the aim of offering reliable accommodation solutions by creating a network which directly connects applicants to potential hosts.

I offer 2 square metres, I'm looking for 2 square metres. This is bed sharing, an alternative form of hospitality, a public design project to show cities' hospitable side. Being accessible and open to everyone, bed sharing is a platform for demand and supply to meet, it represents an alternative accommodation possibility to hotel rooms, that are sometimes too pricey or impossible to find.

You can put to disposal your couch, or a bed, or a room, because the aim of this iniziative is sharing, making experiences, meeting people with the same interests, exchanging views, growing from a cultural point of view.

In the era of social networking and virtual relationships, bed sharing represents a concrete and real occasion of meeting and exchange, to get people to interact again, and introduce a new idea of accommodation.

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